Working hard at the office

Duffy has a great time coming with me to work, and he brings a lot of fun to the office. He helps us to de-stress! But when we need to work, he needs to keep busy. As many of you know, a tired dog is a good dog. So to keep his mind stimulated and challenged, I love the Busy Buddy clam shell by Premier. It's really called a Twist n' Treat, but I think of it more like a souped-up clam shell with "pearls" inside. It's not for powerful chewers, but it's great for a moderate chewer who likes to solve puzzles.

You twist the top and bottom open and stuff treats inside, and screw the pieces back together loosely or tightly depending on the difficulty level you want for your dog. The package suggests making it easy at first so your dog wins and can actually get at the treat. My treat of choice is Natural Balance dog food rolls cut up into chunks. Duffy is over the moon for this food and will do anything for it! The stuff is amazing, really.

The Twist n' Treat starts at just $5.99 for the small size at Amazon.com

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