Although I can't make Duffy's poo vanish into thin air like they did in the movie Envy at least I can do my part to make it disappear. Today after our obedience class at the local Pet Food Express, I spotted some biodegradable doo-doo bags for $8.99 for 120. They were stocked right next to the infamous dog Bio Bags that were $7.99 for 50. I'm all for helping the environment, so this was a great find. I was happy to find these bags which have great reviews by Bags on Board. Large enough to pick up the poop and not leave a mess, these bright blue bags get the job done.

Beware: there were also some bags by Kyjen which claim to be biodegradable, but according Amazon review are actually not - their employees even sent an email to a customer saying, "Our cornstarch bags are made with 5% biodegradable resin (which includes starch and synthetic polymer), and 95% HDP (high density polypropylene)." Also known as plastic.

So do some good for the environment and get some bags that will really break down.

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